SGT FZC specializes in solar energy products and offers pre-sale consultancy, system analysis and design, equipment supply, on-site installation, testing & commissioning and after-sale technical support. SGT FZC always striving to ensure a variety of cost effective, energy efficient and sustainable solar energy solutions for clients.

Our services ranging from; solar power system Consultancy, solar power system Analysis and Design, Supply and Installation of solar panels, solar charge controllers, solar batteries, solar…

Although SGT FZC is relatively a latest addition in the State of the Art international commercial center Dragon Mart 2. It is being effectively managed by a dedicated team of well educated, well trained and well experienced personnel. Its management, sales and services team actively remained in the relevant field for the past 15 years.

SGT FZC major product line comprises of photo voltaic solar modules, Power inverters, Solar charge controllers, Solar batteries, Solar home lighting kits, Solar lamps, Solar home appliances, Solar submersible water pumps, Diesel and Gasoline generator sets, AC Synchronous generators, Battery Chargers, Welding Machines, Diesel and Gasoline water pump sets, Electric clean water pump sets, PowerPack with jump start, Gasoline general purpose engines, PVC lay flat hoses, Air and Spray tools, Power cables for electric wiring, etc.

SGT FZC sales and technical experts help you switch to solar energy and transform the power of sun into your homes and offices, gardens and public parks, educational institutions, pharmacies and medical laboratories, hospitals and rehabilitation centers, warehouses and storage yards, business and residential units, restaurants and hotels, sports stadiums and playgrounds, traffic control signals and warning signs, CCTV camera surveillance, refrigerating and freezing, irrigation and drinking water supply applications, etc.

SGT FZC has the following sister concerns operating in the United Arab Emirates:

  1. SINOTOP GENERAL TRADING LLC, Deira, Dubai, UAE. Tel No. +971 4 2215290
  2. TOP IDEAL GENERAL TRADING LLC, Deira, Dubai, UAE. Tel No. +971 4 2364470-1
Our Vision and Mission
  • Our vision is to be acknowledged as one of the most trusted and professional business enterprise.
  • Our mission is to impart cost effective and sustainable solar energy solutions and related equipment.
Our Values and Integrity
  • We respect customers, law of the land and society. We adopt customer centric approach and listen to our clients’ suggestions, complaints and act appropriately. We invest in research, development, Quality control and personnel capacity enhancement.
  • Trust-in-selling, honest and transparent management practices, efficient after sale services, personal integrity and product integrity are some of the building blocks of the SGT FZC integrity.
Our Advantages
  • Best value for money :           Immediate delivery, Satisfactory Service, Prompt Support
  • Perfect products selection :           A dedicated team of Qualified and experienced personnel
  • Peace of mind :           Affordable, reliable and durable products with warranty
  • Accessible and convenient : Local presence – Showroom, workshop, warehouse and distribution
Our Solutions
  • Solar energy system consultancy and analysis
  • Bespoke PV solar energy system design; Grid dependent (On-Grid) and Grid Independent (Off-Grid)
  • PV solar equipment supply and On-site installation
  • PV solar equipment testing and commissioning
  • PV solar equipment aftermarket parts and technical support
  • Customized Solar power stations; 3kVA, 5kVA, 10kVA, 15kVA, 20kVA, 30kVA
  • Portable Gasoline and Industrial Diesel power generator sets; 1kVA – 1000kVA


Our Products
  • PV solar modules; from 5w up to 350w, mono crystalline and poly crystalline
  • Solar charge controllers; 10A, 20A, 30A, 50A, 60A
  • AGM and GEL batteries; 12V50A, 12V100A, 12V150A, 12V200A
  • 12V DC to 220V AC Power inverters;
  • 500W up to 5000W – modified sine wave and pure sine wave
  • Solar water heaters; various storage capacities
  • Solar submersible water pumps; various sizes and power
  • Solar Fans and home lighting system
  • Solar Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Solar Power Inverter; Hybrid, Off-Grid and On-Grid
  • Solar Air conditioners
  • Electric submersible water pumps; various sizes and power
  • Portable Gasoline generator sets; 650W, 1kVA, 2kVA, 3.0kVA, 4.0kVA, 5.0kVA, 6.0kVA
  • Battery Chargers, Welding Machines, Water pump sets, PowerPack with jump start, Gasoline general purpose engines, PVC lay flat hoses, Air and Spray tools, Power cables for electric wiring, etc.
Our Quality

Quality control is the backbone of our successful business operations. We always strive to offer products that meet or exceed international quality standards. We are committed to constant improvement and have established a Quality Management System which provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance.

Our Shipments

Ensuring immediate shipment of goods within best possible short time and in compliance of customers’ instructions is what makes us distinguished from the rest in the market. Our warehouse staff ensures correct quantities, proper loading and adequate delivery to customers’ cargo locations.

Our Sales Net

We are enjoying shining clientele from various regions, like; The Middle East, Africa, Sub-continent and Common wealth of Independent States (CIS).